GDPR, e-Privacy & Data Counsel

Soulairelegal law firm has been created based on the strong conviction that service-oriented approach shall “make the difference” for you as a customer. The law firm’s vocation is to assist you on the legal and contractual standpoints in accessing, using, implementing and developing technology, intellectual property, data and know-how inside your company or group and to help you securing access, use, sale, distribution or other sharing of the same on your markets.

To your company’s, projects’ and/or function’s developements

Soulairelegal’s primary objectives are to give you time necessary to really focus on your priorities, should it be project implementation, company’s development or anything else and to enable you to leverage on the law firm’s added value to gain the level of serenity that is essential to the improvement of your position and visibility, again both internally and on your market. My challenge, your success!

Soulairelegal services include:

  • Reviewing, engineering, designing, drafting and/or negotiating of all technology-related contracts (from licensing to global outsourcing). Services may be limited to a specific task upon client's request or full outsourcing of legal assistance, including handling relationship with internal teams/contributors and delivery of a signed contract, as agreed with client;
  • Software licensing, Intellectual Property and personal data protection audits; advising on, implementation and follow-up of any curative actions;
  • Design and implementation of company's processes to secure use and distribution of proprietary and third party technology;

In all these fields:

  • Coaching of in-house lawyers and operations;
  • Third-party claims' management and advising or delivering legal opinions  upon client request.
SLA: boosting service quality!

SLA: boosting service quality!

Negotiating proper Service Level Agreement (SLA) s is key in services agreements: once agreed, SLAs shall form the objective basis for measuring and improving service quality throughout the term of any agreement. There may be others but I wanted to give you 10 tips to improve quality of your SLAs and service quality in your contracts hopefully!

Take your lawyer out to dinner

Take your lawyer out to dinner

Any wish to let your in-house lawyer – on his/her own – trying to discuss the terms of the agreement you’ve reached with your business or technical contact? Sure… contract discussions are just legal verbiage and a loss of – your – time and you certainly don’t want to be stuck in all these endless and useless meetings and calls between lawyers!! And to be cristal clear, you obviously don’t even want to be seen with these in house-lawyers who, by the way, don’t understand anything about business and technology, definitely!